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The Mig-25 – a story of BLUFF and unintended consequences

This is my pick for this month’s Weird History prize!

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The Chinese government weaponized the virus and released it to wreck the world economy! – or not.

I am particularly disgusted with the racism growing rampantly around Australia at the moment. Apparently Covid 19 is all a Chinese conspiracy. After all, as this post claims, it hasn’t hurt them and their lockdown is almost over – therefore … Continue reading

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A cheaper top up to our firefighting fleet?

Last year Prime Minister Scott Morrison came back from his Hawaii holiday to appear to do something about the Aussie bush-fires. So he agreed to hire 4 DC10’s at $5 million each or $20 million for the lot per year. … Continue reading

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I may have been wrong on the F-35

There are a few myths about the F-35 that I used to believe: 1. It was too fat to be a proper fighter, and did not have the right wing-to-body ratio to fly well. This is false, as lift is … Continue reading

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