IF Labor wins, Libs will mainly whinge about rising interest rates

All we’ll hear from them will be “Labor’s economic emergency” and all that blah blah, even though interest rates are a macro-economic tool to combat global economic issues like inflation. You know – inflation caused by the Russian war raising … Continue reading

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The Batman brings Gotham – and a warning

The one area I would fault the Nolan Batman trilogy (which I loved!) is it was missing one of the main characters – Gotham. Especially in the second movie where he was trying to say psychopaths can be born even … Continue reading

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The Mig-25 – a story of BLUFF and unintended consequences

This is my pick for this month’s Weird History prize!

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Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister – sure – cancelling a $90 billion dollar deal was never going to be popular. BUT:- FIRST – Macron wasn’t calling my Aussie friends or myself a liar – that was for you alone pal. Don’t try … Continue reading

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More Independents for Australia might see some change

In my local Federal seat, the sitting Member of Parliament is John Alexander, a Liberal. He met with the leaders of our climate activist group and claimed he wasn’t a climate denier, but nor was he overly ‘alarmist’ about it … Continue reading

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