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Bo Burnam’s “Inside”

Anyone see Bo Burnham’s “Inside” – his 2020 pandemic special? It’s full of existential angst – and while it has amusing satirical observations – it’s more “The Joker” than a comedy. It’s a weird drug. Use at your own risk.

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New horrors of the Apocalypse

Years of studying peak oil and societal collapse had left it’s mark on me. Then the alternative rock group “Imagine Dragons” released their hit song “Radioactive”. Let’s just say that Jared Diamond, Richard Heinberg, and even Cormac Mcarthy’s “The Road” … Continue reading

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Hobbit: with violin or without?

Hobbit Hobbit by Str8Voices with drums and girls Hobbit with violin Just for good measure: Game of Thrones. Let’s not forget Skyrim

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Björk did NOT write Gollum’s song

I always thought that she did, but again, that omniscient source of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, comes to banish ignorance and darkness. She was invited to record “Gollum’s Song” for the film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers … Continue reading

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Cats in the Cradle

When it first came out back in 1993, this song made me cry. (see it on Youtube) That was before I was a dad. Now that I’m a dad — especially the father of a boy who was so sick … Continue reading

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