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Drones to reforest logged areas fast and cheap?

I love this. One drone can plant as many seeds as 10 people, and one pilot can control 10 drones. This means one person doing the work of 100 seed planters – and the drones are firing a diverse selection … Continue reading

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Great — ocean acidification has it’s own feedback loop that can cascade out of control.

Long story short — as CO2 adds to ocean acidity, it eats at various carbon deposits already in the oceans and makes the ocean more acidic. If we push it too far, various tiny shelled critters cannot make a strong … Continue reading

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Adani approved at risk of losing desert oasis.

Wow, what a surprise. The Adani corporation have promised that they really truly wuly studied the water impacts on a local desert oasis wetlands. The Queensland government just rolled over and accepted their findings. I mean, Adani hired someone who … Continue reading

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Australia adds 49 species to threatened list

The Guardian reports that Australia has added 49 species as threatened, 9 of which are *critical*. Again it’s habitat loss. Again we see the need for a ban on suburban sprawl, fast adoption of comprehensive conservation laws protecting habitats, and immediate … Continue reading

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Water box grows trees in desert

This water-box extracts dew from the night time air and siphons it down underground where it will slowly release it to plants. They’ve used it in Dubai to help saplings grow where there is 50C days, sand storms, and camels! … Continue reading

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