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Regeneration launch

One of the biggest environmental movements has combined a bunch of different perspectives into an overarching philosophy of Regeneration. Regeneration “puts life at the centre of every act and decision.” Please watch this 5 minute launch of one of the … Continue reading

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International Energy Agency on subsidies

          Page 12 of this Pdf shows:      

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Foreign corporations take our gas AND PROFITS overseas

Foreign corporations take our gas and the fracking profits from the gas! Both get shipped overseas! And there are hardly any jobs in it. And it contributes to climate change. And it destroys farmlands. But someone, somewhere, is making serious money out … Continue reading

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Economic peak hitting shale gas

And this is from that ‘greenie think tank’ Forbes magazine!  Many Americans celebrate pumping more shale gas condensates etc to raise their ‘oil’ production. However, their whole country is ultimately doomed to polluted waterways, flaming taps, drilling infrastructure everywhere and they’ll still … Continue reading

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Global Warming impossible to stop because of jobs?

Fracking might post-pone peak oil, but given the sheer growth of working class jobs in fracking in America (and America’s addiction to cheap hydrocarbons) it will be *impossible* to prevent a climate catastrophe. There’s just too much momentum in the … Continue reading

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