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Dies Irae

There are many Dies Irae in many movies, from Star Wars when Luke sees his uncle and aunt have been murdered, Simba watching the Lion King stampeded underfoot, and of course the Hobbit and LOTR and Sweeny Todd. But this … Continue reading

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Youtube endorsement for Michael West media

Michael West is independent, fair, and high quality journalism. While I don’t have time to read everything on his news website, a short 2 or 3 minute tour through it from the man himself doesn’t hurt. That’s why I subscribe … Continue reading

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News monopoly in Australia is harming our democracy

James Murdoch speaks out in the NYT against the Murdoch Newspaper Empire – and it isn’t reported in one Australian Murdoch News Corp paper. He is disillusioned with the alt-right fake news cycle that Fox and kin are. As the … Continue reading

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Calling all geeks: great review of MR ROBOT (without any significant spoilers). As always, there’s just so much more symbolism in these shows than I catch first time round!

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Malcolm Fraser: watch out Fairfax doesn’t end up like the TEA Party!

Malcolm Fraser basically warns The Conversation readers that if Gina Rinehart takes over Fairfax we’ll end up with another Fox News! (I miss the days of *proper* Liberal Statesmen who accept science!) Not only that, he gives a good plug … Continue reading

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