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Elon Musk: When you “Electrify Everything” it HALVES how much energy you need to make!

Elon: when you Electrify Everything it HALVES how much energy we need to make in the first place! While oil was this incredibly dense energy source with a very high EROEI – the Internal Combustion Engine is terribly inefficient. Diesel … Continue reading

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It’s groundhog day again, again.

Nothing new. Stasse’s pushing this. Apparently it’s truer-er if you shout it emotionally. In French. But it’s the same arguments – even if it’s short and passionate and eloquent. And French. (After a few subtitled French philosophy documentaries many years … Continue reading

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It’s Groundhog Day in Peak Oil land

Mike Stasse is at it again. He is promoting Paul Mobbs, another Degrowth Doomer. Paul pushes message that there is no alternative but to go back to the land. A highly complex industrial information age is about to collapse back … Continue reading

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Tom Murphy’s paper reveals something I also fell for back in the day

I again owe this next post to Mike Stasse’s indefatigable efforts to quote the dishonest (Michaux) or irrelevant (Murphy). With Mike, it goes like this. I show a fundamental error in one of Mike’s heroes – an error so blatant … Continue reading

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Fortescue kills the last Doomer myth

You know that tired old Doomer myth that ‘every wind turbine and solar panel ever built was made with oil?’ It’s a fair enough historical comment. But the Doomer means something more. The Doomer acts like oil is this magical, … Continue reading

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