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Throw some perovskites in the blast furnace for green steel?

This is mind blowing – as if it works as advertised – it could mean mostly green steel arrives years earlier than the hydrogen method. That is, a large CO2 reduction decades earlier is better than none. Indeed – if … Continue reading

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Regeneration launch

One of the biggest environmental movements has combined a bunch of different perspectives into an overarching philosophy of Regeneration. Regeneration “puts life at the centre of every act and decision.” Please watch this 5 minute launch of one of the … Continue reading

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It sounds like hydrogen jets are feasible

Hi all, Hydrogen takes up more cargo or passenger space. That sounds like a real problem when that’s cutting into an airlines already very tight profits. But here’s the thing. Fuel cells require vastly less servicing than combustion engines! So … Continue reading

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Hydrogen economy needs 3 times the electricity supply!

From the summary paragraphs of my hydrogen page: **** The Sanders Research Institute sums it up this way: Even at the current level of activity, road traffic would consume more than 3 times all the electricity we generate to produce … Continue reading

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"Open Source" hydrogen car you don’t buy but lease

Riversimple have an interesting hydrogen car model that seems to promote Open Source design of the car to free up the information market and not have important designs being locked away by the one car company. This is an interesting … Continue reading

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