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It’s Groundhog Day in Peak Oil land

Mike Stasse is at it again. He is promoting Paul Mobbs, another Degrowth Doomer. Paul pushes message that there is no alternative but to go back to the land. A highly complex industrial information age is about to collapse back … Continue reading

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Youtuber’s channel wins him a spot on the Space X “Dear Moon” mission!

Wow – this is really sweet. Tim Dodd the “Everyday Astronaut” has been selected for the Dear Moon mission. The very idea of this moon fly-by mission started him Youtubing in the first place! He covers rockets and sometimes I … Continue reading

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Increased space industry could make climate worse – but could also be the answer!

Some are concerned – but I hope we build a solar factory on the moon and shoot PowerSats back into orbit around the earth. That’s abundant baseload solar power microwaved down from space!

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Assuming we can’t EVER crack fusion and fusion-drives on ships….

What happens if you’re at 1% the speed of light and your ship hits a grain of sand? Or a rock the size of a tennis ball? How many big asteroids are out in the Oort cloud – and how … Continue reading

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Will the first off-world city of a million people be on Mars or in a Space Habitat?

Mars I’ve always been a fan of Mars because I think I could more easily imagine how such a thing could grow from a village of 500 to a town of 10,000 to a city of millions to a planet … Continue reading

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