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Will the first off-world city of a million people be on Mars or in a Space Habitat?

Mars I’ve always been a fan of Mars because I think I could more easily imagine how such a thing could grow from a village of 500 to a town of 10,000 to a city of millions to a planet … Continue reading

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The energy efficient way to have a Bus to the Stars!

Imagine a bus timetable that arrived not every quarter hour, but every quarter century? The ‘bus’ is so big and the trip so long (maybe 20 to 30 years) that it’s less like buying a ticket, and more like immigrating … Continue reading

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Zubrin says NASA should just buy tickets with SpaceX for moon

Mars Society’s Robert Zubrin says SpaceX should do the run at something like 1/20th the cost of NASA’s SLS. I’ll hand you over without any further ado.______________________________________________________ By Robert Zubrin & Homer Hickam, Washington Post, 06.22.20 The success last month of … Continue reading

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Lunar city to save us from climate change?

What about solving climate change by building an industrial city on the moon? A good lunar city could use solar power to launch PowerSats via maglev railgun into orbit around the Earth to power the world from abundant RELIABLE solar … Continue reading

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How can it be a year since this happened?

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