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Droid bodies almost ready for the robot revolution, but their minds?

Dang but these droids got dem moves! Other than needing maybe a doubling in battery performance, robots are now more than ready for the robot revolution in their bodies. But they are lightyears away in their minds. They cannot comprehend … Continue reading

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Calling all geeks: great review of MR ROBOT (without any significant spoilers). As always, there’s just so much more symbolism in these shows than I catch first time round!

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A philosophical and beautifully crafted review of Blade Runner 2049

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Please, no third Blade Runner movie!

No third movie! Not if the point is “tidying everything up in a nice bow”, as Collider said in the video below. The 2 Blade Runner movies are the Socratic method at its best: asking the ultimate questions about the … Continue reading

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Organic looking robots work smoother

As a layperson Geek watching the development of robots over the years, what fascinates me is the way engineering requirements — not aesthetics — are driving the evolution of some robots to *look* more organic.

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