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Natural gas is NOT required!

Governments are being misled by big energy corporations. Do not be fooled – natural gas is a fossil fuel which releases CO2 when burned. But worse, the gas (methane) leaks. It’s 30 times worse than CO2 (over 100 years), but … Continue reading

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OK Labor, the honeymoon is over!

You cannot say you’re serious about climate change and then approve a gas project this big. It’s so big that… “To put it another way, it’s nearly twice as much as the emissions avoided by all the rooftop solar panels … Continue reading

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AGL going to turn Hunter Valley into ‘gasland’

Anyone who saw ‘Gasland’ recently is no doubt aware that gas mining can dump toxic chemicals into watersheds, leak methane into your taps, and even lets you entertain your friends as you light the water so that flames shoot out … Continue reading

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Japanese gas disaster!

  Look how small the ships are!  

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