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Dubai finally going New Urban – but at what cost?

Hi all,it seems even the giant tourist-attraction city of Dubai is starting to think about New Urban planning. The mantra up to now has been to get people out of the airport and spending money in the city. What’s today’s … Continue reading

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Tesla Boring tunnels to replace long distance trains for cargo?

OK, so digging a long tunnel underground instead of using a surface train sounds like an expensive way to go. Except, watch this, and do the math with him. The fact that this is a one-lane tunnel and the pumped … Continue reading

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2018 mayhem for the North West of Sydney

The Daily Telegraph describes the mayhem we are in for next year. SEVENTY-FOUR extra buses between 8 and 9am on already congested roads. MORE than 5000 people boarding buses at Macquarie University Station in the evening peak hour. FIFTY-EIGHT extra … Continue reading

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Free speech not a big priority for doomers

It doesn’t take long to get banned from doomer websites. They tend to quickly recycle tired old myths to people like myself that quote peer-reviewed research into nuclear power, affordable synthetic diesel, and other matters. Then, before too long, your … Continue reading

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Renationalise the trains

As my friend OSO said on Facebook… “The neo-liberal age of economics is over. Private industry doesn’t always allocate resources in the most efficient manner. The total cost of producing some goods and services isn’t always borne by the producer … Continue reading

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