The battle against climate change will be won or lost in our oceans

This 8 minute summary from the BBC covers revolutions in Australian kelp farming and what we have learned. However, it does not cover all the challenges the ocean faces. Extra heat means less turnover in the water column: the nutrient … Continue reading

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Climate back to normal by 2050?

Could synthetic limestone in the world’s concrete market and massive kelp farms to stimulate fisheries REALLY sequester 50 GT CO2 per year, sequestering a TRILLION TONS of CO2 by 2050 and putting us back to 300ppm? That’s the claim of … Continue reading

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Sydney E-waste collectors come to your suburb

Got e-waste? If you’re in Sydney, chat with your local suburban Facebook group about booking these guys to come out to your suburb. They were in North Epping for 5 hours today and took an old imac and phone off … Continue reading

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Wind turbine waste

Today’s clean energy thought: all energy systems have waste. If the UK goes ahead with their renewable energy plans, they will be burying ONE MILLION tons of fibreglass every 25 years. (For obvious reasons the UK is preferring wind to … Continue reading

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More thoughts on how long to rebuild

Hi all, I tinkered with my previous post and turned it into a more permanent reference page. Specifically, I added ideas around how important the City Size Bonus would be to allowing people to specialise in more professional industries rather … Continue reading

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