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There will be fewer people in 2100 than now

This is what I have been asking for a while now. If most of the world develops, then first world economics kicks in. Basically, you don’t need to have as many kids because more of them survive in a developed … Continue reading

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If we just educate more countries earlier – population may peak at 8.5 billion around 2040!

The Guardian brings us fantastic news! It’s another reason why I always have a sponsor child, and it is usually a little girl. Educating and empowering women is a huge factor in the Demographic Transition. The new projection, released on … Continue reading

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Feed 10 billion people ALL the protein they need from an area the size of greater London?!?!

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Regeneration launch

One of the biggest environmental movements has combined a bunch of different perspectives into an overarching philosophy of Regeneration. Regeneration “puts life at the centre of every act and decision.” Please watch this 5 minute launch of one of the … Continue reading

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“In the next 17 years, Sydney’s population is expected to grow by 1.5 million people”

Hang on, don’t we have a water crisis? A bushfire crisis? I mean, I’m convinced that with the right technology deployed we can feed a world of 10 billion, but don’t we have to deploy that first? And if ever … Continue reading

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