Fusion and future tech

Some future technologies that could change the game entirely

Below: Power Satellites  –  Fusion  –  Laser Geothermal  –  Self-replicating machines?

Power Satellites

Fusion – the impact would be huge!

Fusion – latest approaches

CNBC October 2021

Laser bored geothermal – heat ray to melt through 10km of the Earth’s crust!

Sci-Fi self-replication machines

If self-reps really arrive and start to deploy almost everything we need in some sort of  Post Scarcity economy then today’s normal economic questions vanish. If the robots build it all for free, who cares if you have to build a renewable grid 10 times over or huge off-river pumped hydro dams to store immense power overnight? With R2D2 and his mates building it for us, we could even imagine a global grid that constantly shoots solar power from noon around to midnight. I love the idea – as this is real post-scarcity stuff.  This could end up being Isaac Asimov’s iRobot. But this relies on general intelligence AI – and who knows if it will ever let us drive cars, let alone run robots that can mimic industrial engineers?