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Mistborn review – Brandon Sanderson

A few years back I read the Mistborn trilogy. In this the “magicians” must carry little vials of ground up metal particles they swig before using their talent. Most talented people in this world only have 1 ability – like … Continue reading

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Review of end of SEE (Apple+)

Hi all, I want your opinion on a few key questions I’ll ask after my quick review. REVIEW – WARNING – SPOILERS!Now we come to the final episode – where all the main heroes of this story sacrifice something. Of … Continue reading

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If Kenobi feels a bit ho hum at times, remember:-

The top 2 Star Wars directors are busy on another project and didn’t work on it the choice of camera lenses makes it feel like a Jason Bourne movie rather than a cinematic Star Wars show and they’re saving on … Continue reading

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Foundation – some spectacle – but generally bland and contrary to the books

Exploring cerebral themes of economics and culture, Foundation was always going to struggle as a series. Decades ago, as a teenager, I really loved the books. The TV show is well produced and has some spectacular scenes and moments, such … Continue reading

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Dies Irae

There are many Dies Irae in many movies, from Star Wars when Luke sees his uncle and aunt have been murdered, Simba watching the Lion King stampeded underfoot, and of course the Hobbit and LOTR and Sweeny Todd. But this … Continue reading

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