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There may be limits to the ocean’s uptake of CO2 via alkaline rocks

Hi all, I just deleted a post that may have been wrong. It seems there might be limits to how much CO2 the ocean can trap by the particular geoengineering approach I was discussing, which is using ground up alkaline … Continue reading

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Fix the ocean and trap carbon for $10 per ton CO2?

I love this clever 4 minute youtube video. There may be limits of this technology’s ability to pump olivine into the oceans and be effective at trapping CO2 – some papers suggest about 9% of our annual output. But at … Continue reading

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Great — ocean acidification has it’s own feedback loop that can cascade out of control.

Long story short — as CO2 adds to ocean acidity, it eats at various carbon deposits already in the oceans and makes the ocean more acidic. If we push it too far, various tiny shelled critters cannot make a strong … Continue reading

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Precise, eloquent, artistic… heartbreaking

Our oceans. I’ve written about them before, but sometimes not felt it. This helped me feel it. 😦

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Naomi Klein makes me angry, again!

First of all, she’s anti-nuclear. Enough said. But today is about the oceans. Geo-engineering, or sequestering CO2 by tipping iron dust into the ocean, is bad as well, according to Klein. She doesn’t spell out why it is bad: the … Continue reading

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