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It sounds like hydrogen jets are feasible

Hi all, Hydrogen takes up more cargo or passenger space. That sounds like a real problem when that’s cutting into an airlines already very tight profits. But here’s the thing. Fuel cells require vastly less servicing than combustion engines! So … Continue reading

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SpaceX airlines?

The EveryDay Astronaut has a good breakdown of the much longer, rambling Elon Musk presentation. It’s 11 minutes compared to Musk’s 40 minute presentation. In a nutshell, Space X couldn’t fund last year’s plans for a truly gigantic 12m diameter … Continue reading

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Airships, trucks, and trains compared

The ton-mile’s of various craft were compared in this Next Big Future post. Wikipedia defines Gross-ton-miles as “Gross Ton Mile (GTM) is commonly used in Rail Transportation. Gross Ton Mile is the product of total weight (including the weight of … Continue reading

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Chinese trees and bigger blimps

2 Quick good news snippets: 1. China has replanted an area the size of Belgium with trees, and by 2020 should have replanted an area the size of France. I’ll say that again; an area the size of France! 2. … Continue reading

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Heavy-lifting balloons: Flying saucers | The Economist

  You’ve got to love it…     The company is developing a piloted dirigible capable of carrying loads of up to 150 tonnes over distances as great as 2,000km (1,240 miles) at a speed of 45 knots (83kph). This … Continue reading

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