More Independents for Australia might see some change

In my local Federal seat, the sitting Member of Parliament is John Alexander, a Liberal. He met with the leaders of our climate activist group and claimed he wasn’t a climate denier, but nor was he overly ‘alarmist’ about it … Continue reading

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Hydro power drives species extinction and moved 40 million people

One of the reasons I can’t sign off on wholesale adoption of on-river hydropower as a battery to ‘firm’ a 100% renewable grid is that it is just too destructive. We need to address climate change, but not destroy the … Continue reading

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New NSW Premier is a Climate Denier

Oh no – not again. “If you question man-made climate change, you are not a sceptic.” Honestly, this is such a tired old myth. I’m surprised to hear him try and revive it – trotting it out as if it … Continue reading

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Climate back to normal by 2050?

Could synthetic limestone in the world’s concrete market and massive kelp farms to stimulate fisheries REALLY sequester 50 GT CO2 per year, sequestering a TRILLION TONS of CO2 by 2050 and putting us back to 300ppm? That’s the claim of … Continue reading

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UK petrol shortage reminds us of our addiction

A shortage of truck drivers, the pandemic, and then some good old panic buying have seen shortages. This time it isn’t toilet paper, but petrol and diesel. As the Associated Press reports: Long lines of vehicles formed at many gas … Continue reading

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