The danger of echo-chambers

Hi all,this piece by the Economist is a timely reminder of what is happening online. It’s not just politics like Q-ANON or Incels (Involuntary Celibates that blame women for their celibacy). Echo-chambers can result in self-harm, like the young man … Continue reading

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Increased space industry could make climate worse – but could also be the answer!

Some are concerned – but I hope we build a solar factory on the moon and shoot PowerSats back into orbit around the earth. That’s abundant baseload solar power microwaved down from space!

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OK Labor, the honeymoon is over!

You cannot say you’re serious about climate change and then approve a gas project this big. It’s so big that… “To put it another way, it’s nearly twice as much as the emissions avoided by all the rooftop solar panels … Continue reading

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Electric food is climate immune food from a factory!

Electric food? It’s here – they’ve just got to get the scale up to bring the price down. The only thing grown here with photosynthesis was the salad flavourings. The buns, meat, and even mayo are all SOLEIN! Solein is … Continue reading

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Which country is the best at ‘Upcycling’ waste?

Recycling is so yesterday. Why turn bottles into bottles if you can turn them into value added products like houses or hospitals and make a profit?

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