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The Batman brings Gotham – and a warning

The one area I would fault the Nolan Batman trilogy (which I loved!) is it was missing one of the main characters – Gotham. Especially in the second movie where he was trying to say psychopaths can be born even … Continue reading

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Will the first off-world city of a million people be on Mars or in a Space Habitat?

Mars I’ve always been a fan of Mars because I think I could more easily imagine how such a thing could grow from a village of 500 to a town of 10,000 to a city of millions to a planet … Continue reading

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Air-mattress design on Mars deals with outward pressure AND radiation

This ‘air-mattress’ structure is huge – with an internal space of a few stories high. It contains the enormous atmospheric pressures that want to explode outwards at 34 tons per meter by building a series of spheres or joined tubes. … Continue reading

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Shotcut winning vs Kden Live video editor

Hi all,nothing that profound today – more of a personal note that I’m settling on Shotcut as my personal video editor of choice. I’m hearing it is a bit more stable and less buggy than Kden Live. Also, the word … Continue reading

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Foundation – some spectacle – but generally bland and contrary to the books

Exploring cerebral themes of economics and culture, Foundation was always going to struggle as a series. Decades ago, as a teenager, I really loved the books. The TV show is well produced and has some spectacular scenes and moments, such … Continue reading

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