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Bo Burnam’s “Inside”

Anyone see Bo Burnham’s “Inside” – his 2020 pandemic special? It’s full of existential angst – and while it has amusing satirical observations – it’s more “The Joker” than a comedy. It’s a weird drug. Use at your own risk.

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I just finished Hyperion

I listened to the first Hyperion novel on Audible. It was an interesting storytelling tactic having the multiple storytellers flesh out the worldbuilding. But maybe I’m getting a bit picky in my old age – where was the climactic ending? … Continue reading

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Best “fixed” Season 8 of Game of Thrones I’ve seen yet

Again – extreme language warning – but his plot is so much better than what actually happened in that last awful Season 8 of Game of Thrones that I just had to include it. The thing that I really appreciate … Continue reading

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A more positive version of fantasy and SciFi – “Hopepunk”

A dear friend asked me to comment on this (long) article about Hopepunk. If you are a writer, it might be worth reading it. Rob Hopkins – founder of the Transition Towns local economy and local food movement – interviews … Continue reading

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Future Martians might fetch Nitrogen from Titan

Mars experts used to think we could cook up Mars with super-greenhouse gases and maybe a few giant space mirrors beaming extra sunlight down, and that this would release so much frozen CO2 and other atmospheric gases (volatiles) which would … Continue reading

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