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It’s Groundhog Day in Peak Oil land

Mike Stasse is at it again. He is promoting Paul Mobbs, another Degrowth Doomer. Paul pushes message that there is no alternative but to go back to the land. A highly complex industrial information age is about to collapse back … Continue reading

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Suburbia stops kids on bikes

It’s now becoming illegal in parts of North America for all those ‘kids on bikes’ adventures. Some countries do not require ‘soccer mums’ as the kids just ride to the sports themselves! As Not Just Bikes says: “Of all the … Continue reading

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Youtuber’s channel wins him a spot on the Space X “Dear Moon” mission!

Wow – this is really sweet. Tim Dodd the “Everyday Astronaut” has been selected for the Dear Moon mission. The very idea of this moon fly-by mission started him Youtubing in the first place! He covers rockets and sometimes I … Continue reading

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Mistborn review – Brandon Sanderson

A few years back I read the Mistborn trilogy. In this the “magicians” must carry little vials of ground up metal particles they swig before using their talent. Most talented people in this world only have 1 ability – like … Continue reading

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Review of end of SEE (Apple+)

Hi all, I want your opinion on a few key questions I’ll ask after my quick review. REVIEW – WARNING – SPOILERS!Now we come to the final episode – where all the main heroes of this story sacrifice something. Of … Continue reading

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