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A more positive version of fantasy and SciFi – “Hopepunk”

A dear friend asked me to comment on this (long) article about Hopepunk. If you are a writer, it might be worth reading it. Rob Hopkins – founder of the Transition Towns local economy and local food movement – interviews … Continue reading

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Future Martians might fetch Nitrogen from Titan

Mars experts used to think we could cook up Mars with super-greenhouse gases and maybe a few giant space mirrors beaming extra sunlight down, and that this would release so much frozen CO2 and other atmospheric gases (volatiles) which would … Continue reading

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Alternative Star Wars future….

This is what Lucas imagined. I have keyed it to the relevant moment. I want the Mandalorian and especially Ahsoka series to continue towards George Lucas’s vision for the future of Star Wars. The Rey trilogy should be side-lined. This … Continue reading

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Rey is a Mary Sue – and other reasons the Rey trilogy bites

Language warning: this guy drops F-bombs frequently Rey is a Mary Sue They destroyed Luke

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A city of a million people on Mars. Meet Nuwa!

I’m geeking out. Bad.

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