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The battle against climate change will be won or lost in our oceans

This 8 minute summary from the BBC covers revolutions in Australian kelp farming and what we have learned. However, it does not cover all the challenges the ocean faces. Extra heat means less turnover in the water column: the nutrient … Continue reading

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Algal lamps

Hi all, a friend recommended a facebook meme all about algal lamps. Before I get all down on them, look how cool they are! I mean, these things are seriously steampunk! I also need to say I love¬†different scientists trying … Continue reading

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Hope for Indonesian forests

Hope for Indonesian forests as Corporations bow to public pressure: but APRIL needs more persuasion. Anyone good at writing letters? You know what to do. Read this article, and write an email encouraging them to do better.

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ABC’s Landline says Australia needs Hemp food!

ABC’s Landline: We need hemp food in Australia! 1/3rd the water to grow lucen Hempcrete soaks up CO2 as it dries and petrifies Aboriginals are building hemp housing Was the world’s most common fabric material until the cotton gin was … Continue reading

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Dick Smith ENERGY documentary tonight!

8:30, ABC, TONIGHT! “$10 Bucks a litre?” Major peak oil & clean energy special by Dick Smith.

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