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It sounds like hydrogen jets are feasible

Hi all, Hydrogen takes up more cargo or passenger space. That sounds like a real problem when that’s cutting into an airlines already very tight profits. But here’s the thing. Fuel cells require vastly less servicing than combustion engines! So … Continue reading

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I’m more excited about Australian electric Semi JANUS than Tesla!

The big surprise for me this week is that I’m more excited by today’s Aussie electric trucking firm Janus than the shiny Tesla semi we’re being promised in a few years. Why? It carries more, better. Tesla Semi carries 40 … Continue reading

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Can we get solar for $10 a meter – but not on your rooftop?

The University of Newcastle has just announced Printed Plastic Solar Panels could be as cheap as $10 per square meter! This is huge! However, I’m guessing they’re cheap but inefficient. (I read this as a general comment on printed solar … Continue reading

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What would you do with 5 times today’s grid for 10 months of the year?

Solar and wind used to be too expensive to do this – hence my many years supporting nuclear power. But see the green? That’s the storage costs – which were way too high with expensive wind and solar to pay … Continue reading

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Wish you could buy solar, but are stuck renting? Got some money for solar but no house? Buy into a Solar Garden!

So apparently renters can buy into a ‘solar garden’ that’s out in a cheaper real estate location and just sits there taking in solar energy and reducing your energy bill. It of course transfers with you if you move. I’m … Continue reading

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