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The battle against climate change will be won or lost in our oceans

This 8 minute summary from the BBC covers revolutions in Australian kelp farming and what we have learned. However, it does not cover all the challenges the ocean faces. Extra heat means less turnover in the water column: the nutrient … Continue reading

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Hydro power drives species extinction and moved 40 million people

One of the reasons I can’t sign off on wholesale adoption of on-river hydropower as a battery to ‘firm’ a 100% renewable grid is that it is just too destructive. We need to address climate change, but not destroy the … Continue reading

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UK petrol shortage reminds us of our addiction

A shortage of truck drivers, the pandemic, and then some good old panic buying have seen shortages. This time it isn’t toilet paper, but petrol and diesel. As the Associated Press reports: Long lines of vehicles formed at many gas … Continue reading

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One of the most optimistic reports in ages – and seriously disruptive!

I really genuinely hope they can do it with 100% renewables, and that I’m wrong on the need for nuclear power. I guess my message today is “Renewables are incredibly cheap while they’re running. I’m worried about how expensive it … Continue reading

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Why Molten Salt Reactors are so cheap

Terje Peterson of the Atomic Australia Facebook Group wrote this brilliant summary:- This post examines one class of advanced reactor and the ways in which it can radically reduce the cost of nuclear power. That is the class of reactors … Continue reading

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