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Elon Musk: When you “Electrify Everything” it HALVES how much energy you need to make!

Elon: when you Electrify Everything it HALVES how much energy we need to make in the first place! While oil was this incredibly dense energy source with a very high EROEI – the Internal Combustion Engine is terribly inefficient. Diesel … Continue reading

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If I needed to buy a truck, this is why I’d buy a Cybertruck

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Fortescue kills the last Doomer myth

You know that tired old Doomer myth that ‘every wind turbine and solar panel ever built was made with oil?’ It’s a fair enough historical comment. But the Doomer means something more. The Doomer acts like oil is this magical, … Continue reading

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Australia set to gain as “Big battery” miners wooed by car makers

Hi all, one mine alone is getting a half a billion dollar upgrade to deal with the demand increases. The rumour on the street from this ABC report is EV’s will double by 2030 – but some are saying 5 … Continue reading

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Ikea’s store in Vienna has no carpark!

When Ikea decides that you cannot drive to their store but must use Vienna’s great public transport network, you know even corporations are starting to think about the customer experience in new ways. They’re including the trip there and the … Continue reading

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