ATTENTION! These pages show what is possible – if we act now. But we must still keep the pressure on! While there are signs that wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of energy in history – we must keep the pressure on. We’re still heading for about 3 degrees! Please take action to protect your money, and then find local groups to help you campaign for climate action in your nation, state, and city.

Renewables are now so cheap that my old questions about the viability of an all-renewable grid have finally been answered. Please see my overbuild page which explores what you can do when even intermittent energy becomes super-cheap. I still think nuclear is great. If we need it. But the real surprise? Australia is building renewables 10 times faster (per capita) than the rest of the world! We’re already on track to reach 80-90% renewables by 2030. Renewables will already have the job done by the time Australia’s ban on nuclear might be lifted!

The charging station, red glow technology, metal base with rust stains, dark background, and black . The energy cube has electric spark. 3D Rendering
Fusion and future tech?