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UK petrol shortage reminds us of our addiction

A shortage of truck drivers, the pandemic, and then some good old panic buying have seen shortages. This time it isn’t toilet paper, but petrol and diesel. As the Associated Press reports: Long lines of vehicles formed at many gas … Continue reading

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Trump, the gift that keeps on giving

“Trump stated that the US had 1.5 times the oil of all Opec countries combined. But at the end of 2014, the US had proven reserves of just under 40bn barrels, while Saudi Arabia alone had proven reserves of 268bn … Continue reading

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Not good! Shale oil cheaper.

As Next Big Future states: Energy and economic experts had predicted that low oil prices would kill US Shale oil producers. There has been a hit to the Shale producers but they are getting more efficient and have lowered the … Continue reading

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Geological peak oil still a thing

*Geological* peak oil is still a thing. Just finished watching an Al Jazeera thing explaining that big OPEC producers like Saudi Arabia were over-producing to put American unconventional oil producers out of business, as they are only viable at the … Continue reading

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Ammonia not good for fuel

Hi all, Geoffrey Styles documents his concerns about an ‘ammonia economy’ and does so with devastating effect. If this is true, then I’m not supporting an ammonia economy. Bring on the Boron and EV economy instead! Friday, October 29, 2010 … Continue reading

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