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Brexit: why everyone is afraid

Brexit comment: if the UK want to leave the EU but remain in the Single Market, the UK would *still* be subject to the European Court of Justice. (The ECJ rules create standard laws for members of the single market … Continue reading

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Is European Federalism a proxy for German imperialism?

This 3 minute Vox piece explains some of the economic challenges of trying to run one single currency across multiple speed economies. But then it also raises another point about what would happen if the Eurozone really integrated their various … Continue reading

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World now more middle class than poor

Interesting! Sept 2018 marks the point where (finally!) more of the world is wealthy than poor. I remember being told to refer to poor underdeveloped nations as the ‘2/3rd’s world’ because it was the majority. That has shifted somewhat. There’s … Continue reading

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Stephen Fry on Brexit

For once I agree with Stephen Fry. Word.

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What’s all the fuss about Insight on Mars?

This is a nice Lockheed Martin piece animating everything Insight had to get right just to land on Mars. 3 minutes This Australian scientist explains why the probe will be so groundbreaking — pun intended. 😉  5.5 minutes Mars. It’s … Continue reading

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The Californian fires and New Urbanism

New Urbanism uses 10% of the land of suburbia, housing a million people in 40 square miles instead of 400 square miles. With careful rezoning, suburbia could creep back in on itself over the next generation as the housing stock … Continue reading

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Pacific Alliance a starting EU of South America

Hi all, It seems that despite the dozens of crony gringo-bashing old-boys clubs in South America, one of the free-trade areas is starting to produce real results in increased trade and economic growth. It even has some political bite in … Continue reading

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