Exxon Mobile being investigated by US Congress

I just had one of those days when you listen to a favourite podcast, go to add it to your blog page on that topic – and discover the page is so old it requires an emergency re-write.

I was catching up with one of my favourite podcasts – the BBC’s “Climate Question“. The hosts can be a little cheesy, but they find some of the world’s best people to interview on this. Their latest episode was such a cracker that I had to add it to my summary page on how big oil funds climate denial. It was complete with information about a government inquiry, insider gossip from a scientist that used to work for them in the 1980’s – awesome. But the outcome?

I had to completely re-write and update my tired old my “Deniers have big money” page. It needed more recent Youtube by big players so I used a CNBC 20 minute introduction to Climate Denial in the US. If you find better, please let me know

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