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Wind turbine waste

Today’s clean energy thought: all energy systems have waste. If the UK goes ahead with their renewable energy plans, they will be burying ONE MILLION tons of fibreglass every 25 years. (For obvious reasons the UK is preferring wind to … Continue reading

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Science show pushing renewables contradicts itself

Try listening to the interesting (but for me ultimately infuriating) ABC Science Show podcast below, and spot the contradiction. I see contradicting renewable philosophies all the time. They push conflicting ideas. Baseload or not? Some claim they’ll make renewables baseload … Continue reading

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Germany at 67% renewable penetration?

I thought not! Because science media reports records, that one day when Solar + Wind hit 67% penetration in Germany, the consistently low performance of renewables in Germany is forgotten: and this is despite the enormous money put into renewables … Continue reading

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Material inputs

We have energy choices to make. These are the inputs required EVERY SINGLE DAY if we choose wind, solar, or nuclear. (Also remember we have to do wind again in 25 years, where nukes last 60 to 80 years). WIND … Continue reading

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Another renewable limit: LAND V POPULATION

Another renewable limit is GEOPOLITICAL. (I love renewables and this is painful to admit). Many smaller countries with large populations simply *cannot* power themselves. When one considers how diffuse wind and solar are, there is simply NOT ENOUGH LAND for … Continue reading

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