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Vox news 8 minute summary of new nukes!

I love this piece: reactors that *eat* nuclear waste, and where the law of gravity kicks in to shut down a reactor in a power failure.

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China should have a full MSR by 2031

China are putting $300 million a year into researching MSR’s Full scale prototype in just 15 years. Technology Review August 2016

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The end of the chicken and egg Catch22!

I just added the following point to my Robot-Car summary page. 3. The end of the ‘chicken and egg’ Catch-22. You know the ‘chicken and egg’ problem — no company wants to build a hydrogen highway because there are no hydrogen … Continue reading

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Scientific American says IGNORANCE main reason people are anti-nuclear

I’m not being rude, as the vast majority of my life I was anti-nuclear out of sheer ignorance as well! There are 4 other reasons people are anti-nuclear, but from personal experience I this first one is the most powerful! … Continue reading

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Martian flag

Mars already has its own flag! It’s based on the Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, and is an ambitious statement about the journey towards terraforming Mars into another Blue planet. The thing I love … Continue reading

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Sceptics v denial

“The first is to doubt and question, and the second is to listen to the answer,” he said. “Sometimes that requires some intellectual hard yards and I think some people who call themselves sceptics don’t want to do those hard … Continue reading

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How to feed the world

Giant kelp farms could feed the world. Bren Smith has pioneered what he calls ‘3D ocean farming’ (or vertical kelp farming) to feed the world. * Kelp can be eaten in various ice-creams, salads, and dried or fried snacks. The … Continue reading

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