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Bo Burnam’s “Inside”

Anyone see Bo Burnham’s “Inside” – his 2020 pandemic special? It’s full of existential angst – and while it has amusing satirical observations – it’s more “The Joker” than a comedy. It’s a weird drug. Use at your own risk.

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I just finished Hyperion

I listened to the first Hyperion novel on Audible. It was an interesting storytelling tactic having the multiple storytellers flesh out the worldbuilding. But maybe I’m getting a bit picky in my old age – where was the climactic ending? … Continue reading

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Sydney E-waste collectors come to your suburb

Got e-waste? If you’re in Sydney, chat with your local suburban Facebook group about booking these guys to come out to your suburb. They were in North Epping for 5 hours today and took an old imac and phone off … Continue reading

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Shellenberger rabid – and I will gradually edit out my many references to his work as he has proved unreliable

Michael Shellenberger’s latest book is the last straw for me. I’m done referencing his work. If we can’t trust him to be professional and objective in his journalism about climate change science, especially when he is not a trained engineer, … Continue reading

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While I love a steak, we need to eat more veggies.

This graph shows that land is only 29% of the surface of the earth, habitable land only 71% of the land (rest is glaciers and barren), and of that 50% is used for agriculture, 37% used for forests, and 11% … Continue reading

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