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Feed 10 billion people ALL the protein they need from an area the size of greater London?!?!

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Is the energy transition going to use up all the metal? Elon says no.

From his recent Tesla day talk you can see that the USGS known resources (as of today) for nickel and lithium almost get to 30% used up. I mean, almost 30%! Then we’ve given the world a clean energy system, … Continue reading

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Elon Musk: When you “Electrify Everything” it HALVES how much energy you need to make!

Elon: when you Electrify Everything it HALVES how much energy we need to make in the first place! While oil was this incredibly dense energy source with a very high EROEI – the Internal Combustion Engine is terribly inefficient. Diesel … Continue reading

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Throw some perovskites in the blast furnace for green steel?

This is mind blowing – as if it works as advertised – it could mean mostly green steel arrives years earlier than the hydrogen method. That is, a large CO2 reduction decades earlier is better than none. Indeed – if … Continue reading

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It’s groundhog day again, again.

Nothing new. Stasse’s pushing this. Apparently it’s truer-er if you shout it emotionally. In French. But it’s the same arguments – even if it’s short and passionate and eloquent. And French. (After a few subtitled French philosophy documentaries many years … Continue reading

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