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Fix the ocean and trap carbon for $10 per ton CO2?

I love this clever 4 minute youtube video I found the link over here at Greenbiz, which also had a helpful graphic illustrating the benefits of having a massive seaweed industry, where it says:- Another proposed approach is┬álarge-scale seaweed cultivation, … Continue reading

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‘Clean’ milk that tastes real

Imagine drinking REAL tasting milk that didn’t hurt cows or create methane? Soy and oat milks may have their fans, and I don’t *mind* them – but I’m really keen on a ‘real’ tasting alternative milk. Apparently they’ve found a … Continue reading

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Dies Irae

There are many Dies Irae in many movies, from Star Wars when Luke sees his uncle and aunt have been murdered, Simba watching the Lion King stampeded underfoot, and of course the Hobbit and LOTR and Sweeny Todd. But this … Continue reading

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One of the most optimistic reports in ages – and seriously disruptive!

I really genuinely hope they can do it with 100% renewables, and that I’m wrong on the need for nuclear power. I guess my message today is “Renewables are incredibly cheap while they’re running. I’m worried about how expensive it … Continue reading

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Youtube endorsement for Michael West media

Michael West is independent, fair, and high quality journalism. While I don’t have time to read everything on his news website, a short 2 or 3 minute tour through it from the man himself doesn’t hurt. That’s why I subscribe … Continue reading

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