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Electric food is climate immune food from a factory!

Electric food? It’s here – they’ve just got to get the scale up to bring the price down. The only thing grown here with photosynthesis was the salad flavourings. The buns, meat, and even mayo are all SOLEIN! Solein is … Continue reading

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IF Labor wins, Libs will mainly whinge about rising interest rates

All we’ll hear from them will be “Labor’s economic emergency” and all that blah blah, even though interest rates are a macro-economic tool to combat global economic issues like inflation. You know – inflation caused by the Russian war raising … Continue reading

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Which country is the best at ‘Upcycling’ waste?

Recycling is so yesterday. Why turn bottles into bottles if you can turn them into value added products like houses or hospitals and make a profit?

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The Batman brings Gotham – and a warning

The one area I would fault the Nolan Batman trilogy (which I loved!) is it was missing one of the main characters – Gotham. Especially in the second movie where he was trying to say psychopaths can be born even … Continue reading

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Will the first off-world city of a million people be on Mars or in a Space Habitat?

Mars I’ve always been a fan of Mars because I think I could more easily imagine how such a thing could grow from a village of 500 to a town of 10,000 to a city of millions to a planet … Continue reading

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