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Sceptics v denial

“The first is to doubt and question, and the second is to listen to the answer,” he said. “Sometimes that requires some intellectual hard yards and I think some people who call themselves sceptics don’t want to do those hard … Continue reading

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How to feed the world

Giant kelp farms could feed the world. Bren Smith has pioneered what he calls ‘3D ocean farming’ (or vertical kelp farming) to feed the world. * Kelp can be eaten in various ice-creams, salads, and dried or fried snacks. The … Continue reading

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The African Union’s first real success?

GO AU! In solving the Gambian constitutional crisis of 2016, you’ve taken your first step on the proverbial journey of a million miles towards a “United States of Africa”. Go team! May this increase peace and prosperity for a continent with … Continue reading

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Vox piece so good it restructured my blog

Hi all, Vox news wrote such a good summary of the state of various 100% renewable energy reports, that I had to restructure my renewables page and subpages to fit it! You’ll see a new Renewables tab with my various summary pages underneath. … Continue reading

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Global warming moves pests

It just gets better! “Mass migration of species to cooler climes has profound implications for society, pushing disease-carrying insects, crop pests and crucial pollinators into new areas, says international team of scientists”

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Trump, the gift that keeps on giving

“Trump stated that the US had 1.5 times the oil of all Opec countries combined. But at the end of 2014, the US had proven reserves of just under 40bn barrels, while Saudi Arabia alone had proven reserves of 268bn … Continue reading

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ITS: should have gone to wikipedia first!

Hi all, apologies for hypothesising about the first Space X mission to Mars when it’s all spelt out on wikipedia! Pretty much bears out what I was guessing, anyway. Once those first few supply & base building ships have done … Continue reading

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