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How Kodak detected the nuclear tests and the effects on all of us

Veritasium at his best! While there were 219 atmospheric tests in America alone and the fallout spread across most of the USA, it shows that dispersed fallout is not a civilisation ending event. Two hundred and nineteen nuclear devices were … Continue reading

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Connectors from Graphics Cards to Monitors – can Monitors adjust hz?

Hi all, can any PC geeks out there tell me what I’m looking for in a monitor? I’ll be building a computer around a RTX 3080 card that has Display Port 1.4 (*3) and HDRMI 2.1. The goal is a … Continue reading

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The energy efficient way to have a Bus to the Stars!

Imagine a bus timetable that arrived not every quarter hour, but every quarter century? The ‘bus’ is so big and the trip so long (maybe 20 to 30 years) that it’s less like buying a ticket, and more like immigrating … Continue reading

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News monopoly in Australia is harming our democracy

James Murdoch speaks out in the NYT against the Murdoch Newspaper Empire – and it isn’t reported in one Australian Murdoch News Corp paper. He is disillusioned with the alt-right fake news cycle that Fox and kin are. As the … Continue reading

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So what if the BLM founders were communists – the movement isn’t!

There’s the BLM website founders – and what most Americans mean when they say Black Lives Matter! Learn the difference between a website and a popular movement, a few ideologues trying to set up a Communist revolution and a catchy … Continue reading

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