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SNOWPIERCER – when are they going to STOP THE TRAIN!?

If they stopped the train in a subway under a major city, they would have so much extra energy to put into grow-lighting they could feed everyone fresh food every day. They’d stop. They’d sew together the best Arctic suits … Continue reading

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Tidy your room

And while I’m tidying my digital life, my physical life also needs some attention. Because what is a messy, cluttered office or bedroom anyway? Is it just your room, or a reflection of how cluttered and distracted and unfocussed your … Continue reading

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4k gaming is stupid when you could buy three QHD’s instead

I’m not a gamer these days, and may not be until I can process some family movies and other digital hygiene. I’m also on a bit of a slow-motion minimalist and tidying journey, but hang it – that can wait. … Continue reading

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OLD DV tapes to load to your computer and looking for software? Don’t have imovie? It’s not that hard….

If you have old DV tapes and a firewire cable & connection, you can use free Linux to load those tapes onto your computer. This has batch commands that will load as one long file, or even create a series … Continue reading

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Killer heatwaves

This is major. If we go past 2 degrees, 3 BILLION people will face killer heatwaves that last a few days, weeks or even a month or two each year. Farmers, builders and other outside workers will just have to … Continue reading

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