I live in Sydney, Australia. I have a background in Social Sciences, so I approach quite narrow technical questions with the big picture in mind. EG: What does this little innovation here mean for other industries? How does it fit into the big picture, and contribute to a more sustainable, beautiful world over time? My concern is for the overall shape of the trends threatening society, and the overall shape of the solutions. I provide links to experts and articles where you can read further for more details.

As a non-scientist myself, I often spend hours badgering experts on line, asking them to break down complicated technical details into metaphors we can all understand.

I’ve had many different careers and a broad life experience, from time in the Australian Army to working as a Child Protection Officer and dozens of other in-between jobs.

I love blogging which is like a slow-motion conversation. It has changed my politics and understanding of the world, people, and the economic and environmental drivers of many geopolitical issues around the world. More intimately, it also explains why some cityscapes feel right and inviting and some wrong, and why some energy systems are clean and working, and others are not.

I have a wife, 2 children, and a Russian Blue cat named Darcy.

You can contact me at: