I’m Dave and I live in Sydney, Australia.

You can contact me at:


First place: Advanced Diploma in Social Sciences

Many different careers

  • Soldier 4 years: survey corps
  • Advanced Diploma Social Sciences
  • Child Protection Officer for 18 months
  • Odd jobs: taxi, after school care, cleaning
  • Ministry Training Scheme: 1 year Anglican Youth Worker
  • Bookkeeper
  • Graphic Design Director & house dad for a decade
  • Administration
  • Voluntary environmental activist / blogger / writer


I love the slow-motion conversation that is sustainability blogging. It has changed my worldview on so many things, quite profoundly.

I use my social sciences background to appreciate sustainability in broad, sociological terms and not zooming in on scientific minutiae. My concern is for the overall shape of the trends threatening society, and the overall shape of the solutions.

Rather than being an ‘expert’ myself, I merely quote the peer-reviewed papers I find most compelling and convincing: even when inconvenient to my own personal preferences.

This is the case with my support for nuclear power. Needless to say, it does not go down well in many of my greenie networks! Please check the math and claims out for yourself. I’m convinced that the sources I quote have done so, and that their arguments are enough.


I have a wife, 2 children, and a Russian Blue cat named Darcy.


Living in Sydney, Fantasy and Sci-Fi books and TV, my church, and falling asleep to the patter of rain.