I live in Sydney, Australia. I am not a scientist or engineer – but rather have a background in Social Sciences. I’ve had broad life experience – from time in the Australian Army, to Social Sciences study, to working as a Child Protection Officer; time running youth programs, time in hospital as a carer to my sick child (now recovered), and time in business admin for a more predictable, 9 to 5 job.

I have read and continue to discuss various aspects of sustainability with the experts. The stories in history and discover and the rise of civilisations have always fascinated me – as have dystopian Sci-Fi thrillers that discuss the fall of civilisation. My favourites in the Collapse Genre are Book of Eli – a masterpiece – and Mad-Max Fury Road – which is more violent performance art than movie.

When you watch movies like this – don’t they make you sit up and take notice? Don’t they make you feel the questions underpinning the modern world? How will we – can we – adapt to the combined challenges of Energy, the Environment, and the Economy? How will all these interact with the larger threat of Climate Change bearing down on us? I hope you’re working on the Solutions.

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I love blogging. It’s like a slow motion conversation that over the years has changed my views about the road ahead. I know conversations on the internet can change minds – as it has profoundly changed my own.