Tesla Boring tunnels to replace long distance trains for cargo?

OK, so digging a long tunnel underground instead of using a surface train sounds like an expensive way to go. Except, watch this, and do the math with him. The fact that this is a one-lane tunnel and the pumped air ventilation winds are blowing at 90 miles an hour with the traffic seems to be a game changer!

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"Prime Minister Scott Morrison has conceded he caused "great anxiety in Australia" by taking a family holiday"

This talking point is from the ABC. Honestly, how narcissistic does that heading sound? It’s as if we’re all sitting around weeping because our ‘father’ the PM has left the country.

As the PM can’t really *do* anything about the fires because the various agencies are already flat out, I could care less whether he poses for another photo-op with an old man whose dogs have died.

What I want to see is a serious plan for rolling out nukes to solve climate change AND a national debate about how we’re going to deal with these fires in the future. What equipment do we need to buy, what people do we use, how do we care for the families of volunteers who die on the line, and when fires get past a certain point do we need to bring in the defence forces?

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has conceded he caused “great anxiety in Australia” by taking a family holiday”

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Would you pay a little more for water?

Would you pay more for water if it meant less restrictions and more water reliability in periods like this? Imagine being able to put the sprinkler back on, but just pay a little extra for that water. (Or better yet, use a state of the art drip-filter hose system.) I was wondering how much extra our Desal plant cost us and looked it up. While there are running costs when it is shut down in storage mode, they’re not very high. And when running it only raised our water bill 13c per 1000 litres!

“The Sydney Desalination Plant is now operating. This means the water usage charge increased from $2.11 to $2.24 on 1 October 2019.”
Sydney Water

So I guess the question is, would those of us with gardens we cherish be happy to pay a extra amount for any extra water consumed above a certain ‘normal’ amount? Should Sydney build another Desal, especially as they seem to do less damage than we once thought? In 20 years this kind of summer could be the new normal. I would be willing to pay a little extra to have water abundance. It might even help avert a new spot-fire if Sydney were generally greener and more humid and able to water itself.

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“In the next 17 years, Sydney’s population is expected to grow by 1.5 million people”

Hang on, don’t we have a water crisis? A bushfire crisis? I mean, I’m convinced that with the right technology deployed we can feed a world of 10 billion, but don’t we have to deploy that first? And if ever I saw a headline that required more New Urbanism with attractive town squares and local parks, then this is it! From the ABC.

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Ah, now I get it. It’s an affordable 100% electric high spec stainless steel scratch resistant ute that carries 1.6 tons of cargo. (And can tow 7 tons in a trailer.)
0-100 in 2.9 seconds: speed of sports car, body of a tank. It has 3 prices:$40k gets 400km, $50k gets 480km, but the $70k gets over 800kms! (Popular Mechanics.)

That’s almost Sydney to Melbourne on one charge, but you’ll need a half hour break somewhere in that trip so that’s a good time for a top up. (Tesla superchargers tend to charge about 200km per half hour.) Remember, EV’s don’t need servicing like Internal Combustion Engine vehicles. But the controversial 1980’s Sci-Fi look? As one comment said:

First look ew
second look eh
Third look it’s growing on me
Fourth look ok take my money

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ENSO cycle 10% good news for Australia, but 30% chance hell on earth

Summer weather predictions? There’s only 10% chance of La Nina which could rescue us with extra rain. 60% chance neutral, which is more or less ‘normal’ weather, and 30% chance of hell on earth El Nino drying us out even more.

From the WMO.

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Volt is the Federal Europe party

Hi all,
I’m glad to note that in this era of Brexit and Trump and alt-right politics promising to put “Make [insert nation] Great Again!”, there are tens of thousands of young people pouring their energy into a broader project. Meet the Volt political party, out to reform the EU into a Federation called Europe! I only wonder, will Brexit encourage nationalist parties or shock Europe into integrating faster and voting for Volt?

My message? If you’re European, Vote Volt!

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