News monopoly in Australia is harming our democracy

James Murdoch speaks out in the NYT against the Murdoch Newspaper Empire – and it isn’t reported in one Australian Murdoch News Corp paper. He is disillusioned with the alt-right fake news cycle that Fox and kin are. As the NYT reports:

“I reached the conclusion that you can venerate a contest of ideas, if you will, and we all do and that’s important,” he told me. “But it shouldn’t be in a way that hides agendas. A contest of ideas shouldn’t be used to legitimize disinformation. And I think it’s often taken advantage of. And I think at great news organizations, the mission really should be to introduce fact to disperse doubt — not to sow doubt, to obscure fact, if you will…

…In 2017, President Trump’s praise for white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., as “very fine people” spurred James Murdoch to give $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League. In an email to friends obtained by The New York Times, Mr. Murdoch rebuked Mr. Trump and wrote: “I can’t even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists.” The email stood in sharp relief, given Fox’s fetid racism-by-night routine…

In January, James and his wife, Kathryn, expressed “frustration” about News Corp’s peddling of climate change denialism in the face of apocalyptic Australian wildfires that incinerated 46 million acres. Fox nighttime anchors picked up a false story line about arson from The Australian, a Murdoch-owned newspaper in Oz.

New York Times: October 2020

The cancer is growing here as well. Australian news media are dominated by Murdoch (64.2%) and Nine (26.4%) – and now the main news empire in this country is unreliable and unscientific in its reporting on climate change and runs a protection racket for itself. Their control of Sky News has degraded their evening segment to being on par with Fox news, and this toxic propaganda sometimes drips down into their daytime and morning schedules as well. It’s time for a Royal Commission into media freedom and diversity in Australia. Even if you disagree with former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on other matters – please watch this short youtube.

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So what if the BLM founders were communists – the movement isn’t!

There’s the BLM website founders – and what most Americans mean when they say Black Lives Matter! Learn the difference between a website and a popular movement, a few ideologues trying to set up a Communist revolution and a catchy phrase that ricochets through the culture, a few girls with a website and the MAJORITY of Americans that actually think the next 3 words are true: Black Lives Matter. Here’s the New York Times on the numbers.

“Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History”

The American National Academy of Science has determined that white cops kill black people 3.5 times more than they kill white people. If you are black, you have a 1 in 1000 chance of death by cop in your lifetime. That’s ten times higher than their chance of being killed by a car crash which seems to be about 11 in 100,000.

Now – the Alt Right will go on and on about the views of the founders of a BLM website years ago. That’s the right-wing way – ignore what the majority of people are actually saying, and use the logical fallacy of ‘tainting the pool’ by finding the one or two nutters in the crowd – and quoting them till the cows come home. But here’s the thing. It’s a huge movement with a number of organisations – not just those communist girls the Alt-Right salivate over quoting to death. Indeed…

“The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people”.

From the wiki

Organizations – plural. Not everything BLM started with Communist girls setting up a website. Indeed, how many BLM activists have even been to that website? They’re too busy drawing up their own banners and getting out on the streets in their local neighbourhoods to bother trying to find a manifesto. They just want to say what they mean – “Black Lives Matter!” Now the overall “Black Lives Matter movement is a decentralized network of activists with no formal hierarchy.” 

I hear the concerns about the street violence and burnings – I really do. I’d hate to see my local suburban shops and restaurants on fire. It’s not just the thoughtless economic damage – they’re part of my childhood memories and heart – part of our social fabric.

But what if my chances of being shot by a cop were 10 times greater than being killed in a car crash? What if I were black? (I’m a white Australian male – with privilege coming out my ears.) What if I experienced the negative effects of generations of economic deprivation, from my great great grandparents being slaves, then Jim Crow, and then even the racist highway schemes of the 1950’s that forcibly moved entire black neighbourhoods ‘out of the way’. This broke up whole communities that were just becoming functional integrated societies that could help each other.

What if I watched videos of my police force kneeling on the necks of people that looked like me until they died – even though they cried out – repeatedly – “I can’t breathe!” If that were the case – I can imagine myself out there protesting. And if my education levels were not that great due to the generations of economic segregation and disadvantage my neighbourhood had left for me – who knows how that protest would go and what I would end up doing? I’m not excusing anything – just trying to empathise. Perpetrators of violence and vandalism should be arrested and convicted. But they shouldn’t be suffocated to death by cops in a street execution or lynching! No wonder the BLM movement has grown amongst mainstream Americans!

“Whereas public opinion on Black Lives Matter was net negative in 2018, it grew increasingly popular through 2019 and 2020.[15] A June 2020 Pew Research Center poll found that the majority of Americans, across all racial and ethnic groups, have expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement.”

From the wiki

When the average American chants “Black Lives Matter” they’re not even AWARE of the silly BLM founder’s website once being communist. (I’m glad you’ve admitted that stuff has been taken down – it seems the flood of money coming in has spoken – and they’re getting real about what can actually be done in a more Ordo-Liberal economic sense.) When the average American chants “Black Lives Matter” they mean just that – that cops shouldn’t shoot unarmed Black Americans or kneel on their necks until they die or force them to cry out “I can’t breathe!” So now that we’re talking about the mass movement, why can’t the right just agree that Black Lives Matter? To leftist for them? Too partisan in an election year? Might offend their republican neighbours? How about the right learn some nuance for once and rise above all that?

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Regenerative agriculture is permaculture at the industrial scale!

It tells you to sell your sheep during a drought, and stops you getting into debt. It tells you how to manage your land so your ground-cover doesn’t blow away, so your land is immune to locust plagues, and so it traps every bit of available moisture. It tells you how to make money the moment that drought is over – so you’re in a better position to start making real money. It helps you grow your business in growing sheep, beef, or crops. And it’s spreading – industrial scale permaculture thinking.

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We live in scary times

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Nice summary of human challenge trials of Covid 19 vaccines

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