Fix the ocean and trap carbon for $10 per ton CO2?

I love this clever 4 minute youtube video

I found the link over here at Greenbiz, which also had a helpful graphic illustrating the benefits of having a massive seaweed industry, where it says:-

Another proposed approach is large-scale seaweed cultivation, as seaweed captures carbon through photosynthesis. While there is evidence that wild seaweed already contributes to carbon removal, there is potential to cultivate and harvest seaweed for use in a range of products, including food (human and animal), fuel and fertilizer.

The full extent of carbon removal potential from these applications is uncertain, as many of these products would return carbon within the seaweed to the environment during consumption. Yet, these applications could lower emission intensity compared to conventional production processes. Seaweed cultivation also can provide an economic return that could support near-term industry growth.

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‘Clean’ milk that tastes real

Imagine drinking REAL tasting milk that didn’t hurt cows or create methane? Soy and oat milks may have their fans, and I don’t *mind* them – but I’m really keen on a ‘real’ tasting alternative milk. Apparently they’ve found a fungi that can ferment milk. Investors are lining up. It looks like it will revolutionise the milk and cheese market in the next few years.
The Grocer UK – 3 Sept 2021

When the dairy associations start discussing it – you know it’s real.

New research shows scale of milk alternative acceleration

19-Aug-2021 By Jim Cornall

New figures released by global market research company Euromonitor International show the milk alternatives sector other than soy is the fastest growing category in the dairy products and alternatives industry, and is worth $10bn globally, an increase of 16% in 2020-2021.

Vegan non dairy plant based milk in bottles and ingredients on blue background. Alternative lactose free milk substitute


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Dies Irae

There are many Dies Irae in many movies, from Star Wars when Luke sees his uncle and aunt have been murdered, Simba watching the Lion King stampeded underfoot, and of course the Hobbit and LOTR and Sweeny Todd. But this is the ONE Dies Irae to rule them all – it’s the longest, slowest, boldest and most melancholy I know of.

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One of the most optimistic reports in ages – and seriously disruptive!

I really genuinely hope they can do it with 100% renewables, and that I’m wrong on the need for nuclear power. I guess my message today is “Renewables are incredibly cheap while they’re running. I’m worried about how expensive it is going to be to back them up while they’re not running. I’m a former nuclear sceptic how is now happy with nuclear power being in there as well if we need it.”

Anyway, enough of me. On to the Rethinking Climate Change report.

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Youtube endorsement for Michael West media

Michael West is independent, fair, and high quality journalism. While I don’t have time to read everything on his news website, a short 2 or 3 minute tour through it from the man himself doesn’t hurt. That’s why I subscribe to his youtube channel

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