Political Reforms

Here are some political reforms I support.

Abolishing the States in Australia to cut our democratic system back to a more efficient, workable 2 tier system of National and Local government. This could save $50 billion a year and make COAG a bad memory.

Moving towards a form of World Parliament – yes, World Government.

Not adopting a Bill of Rights in Australia, but supporting Human Rights through a more powerful democracy than the feebled thing you end up with when a democracy is strangled by a Bill of Rights.

Disclaimer: I do not think politics is the great arbiter of human happiness and well being. It is one tool for societal good, but not an end in itself. I do not get my ‘meaning of life’ from politics, and nor is it something I endlessly debate and dwell on. Politics cannot change the human heart. I am quite cynical about politics these days. However, as a tool for the public good, these are some reforms I would bring to our political discussion.

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