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OK Labor, the honeymoon is over!

You cannot say you’re serious about climate change and then approve a gas project this big. It’s so big that… “To put it another way, it’s nearly twice as much as the emissions avoided by all the rooftop solar panels … Continue reading

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New NSW Premier is a Climate Denier

Oh no – not again. “If you question man-made climate change, you are not a sceptic.” Honestly, this is such a tired old myth. I’m surprised to hear him try and revive it – trotting it out as if it … Continue reading

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Anti-vaxxers will have to come up with a new conspiracy theory

I know of various anti-vaxxers that thought the vaccine passport was going to get nasty. As in, (at the risk of already fulfilling Godwin’s Law), they were trying to prepare themselves for concentration camps. They saw themselves as the modern … Continue reading

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What did I JUST say in the last post about air-con?

I love the comfort of air-conditioning. But I wouldn’t want my life to depend on it. News just in from Canada’s heat-wave: The devastating “heat dome” has caused temperatures to rise to almost 50C in Canada and has been linked to hundreds … Continue reading

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Shellenberger is at it again – and even his old pals are not happy

It’s hard to write against your former heroes. Michael Shellenberger has highlighted so many of the challenges facing a 100% renewable energy grid, and shown so comprehensively that nuclear is a viable alternative, that I feel I owe him a … Continue reading

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