I may have been wrong on the F-35

There are a few myths about the F-35 that I used to believe:
1. It was too fat to be a proper fighter, and did not have the right wing-to-body ratio to fly well. This is false, as lift is also provided by the chines and body size.

2. It was too thin to be a decent bomber. But it has a larger payload than many successful duel-purpose fighter bombers of the past!

3. It was just too expensive, but it saves money in being able to run different kinds of missions and cross-task successfully. The 3 main roles of the F-35 are air-to-air, bombing, and CAS. (Close Air Support for ground troops). There are a few design modifications for each role, but the cockpit is so similar that a pilot can train in one role and then with only minimal retraining be re-tasked to a whole other category of fighting. EG: A Close Air Support pilot can be re-tasked for bombing runs or even air-to-air. Also, with it’s advanced sensory gear it can take out enemy fighters before they see it and then go on to bomb enemy ground targets, offer CAS (Close Air Support for marines on the ground), jam enemy electronic systems, or other roles, all in the one unit.

Avoid the first 34 minutes of dry technical development history, and then get stuck into the debate at 34 minutes in!

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