The Chinese government weaponized the virus and released it to wreck the world economy! – or not.

I am particularly disgusted with the racism growing rampantly around Australia at the moment. Apparently Covid 19 is all a Chinese conspiracy. After all, as this post claims, it hasn’t hurt them and their lockdown is almost over – therefore they must have the vaccine right? And it’s wrecked the world economy without totally wrecking theirs, so it was all a plan. That kind of argument just makes me wince. It shows how emotive and utterly inept modern thinking has become. The author does not know:-

  • how viruses work,
  • how the scientists have traced the DNA of this virus back to bats in nature’s kitchen and that it in no way has any markers of being cooked up in a military lab (see Joe Rogan interview with a bioweapons expert),
  • how many people actually died in China,
  • why China would release the virus on themselves instead of sending agents into another country and releasing it there?
  • why Wuhan and their province locked down 80 million people if they already had a vaccine or cure?
  • how a country of 1.4 billion people might not have its stockmarket completely crash if a tiny fraction of that are in lockdown. Imagine how the Australian economy would go if only Tasmania were in lockdown,
  • how it actually has radically reduced China’s expected GDP,
  • why aren’t they selling us the vaccine if they already have it?
  • anything about China’s massive pre-fabrication construction industry or even the name Broad Construction Group? That’s like not knowing that McDonald’s or Microsoft are a thing! Have they not seen 30 story apartments build in 15 days: 2 storey’s per day?

Do these conspiracy theory pundits ever retract their mad claims? For example, as Wuhan opens up their economy – if this virus races away again (the so called YoYo effect) will the authors of these posts admit the Chinese obviously don’t have a vaccine?

It ignores the unique size and situation of China and evaluates their relatively unscathed economic outcome with the power of hindsight. It’s classic Post-Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: like saying “I washed my car and then it rained, therefore washing my car causes it to rain!” Rather than rant against the Chinese because they still have a manufacturing base, I’m just glad they have one so our government were able to buy 30 million PPE kits from China to help us out in this crisis!

It also ignores the fact that releasing a bio-weapon is an ACT OF WAR. Do these conspiracy nuts think of these things?

My main problem with the Chinese government on this is twofold:-

  1. Their one-party system creates a perverse incentive amongst governors competing with each other to one day inherit the top job to cover-up things that might reflect badly on their administration. EG: the Mayor of Wuhan silenced the doctors speaking out about a suspicious new pneumonia.
  2. When are they going to permanently ban these disgusting wet-markets with all variety of animals stacked up next to each other? How many SARS epidemics is it going to take to show these places are dangerous hot-zones?

But that’s it. In a confusing and frightening world, it’s so easy to ignore our higher brain functions and give in to gut-felt but dirty conspiracy theories and racism. It’s so much fun to have someone to blame! It gets the likes of Trump and Hitler elected. But THINKING people should not indulge in such rubbish!

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