The most amazing cockroach trap of all time!

When I was a kid my parents had the most amazing cockroach trap. It was an octagonal blue box made out of transparent plastic. A pheromone tablet tempted the cockroaches into little tunnels. The beasties pushed and crawled their way under a light aluminium gate that sloped downwards towards the centre of the trap. They could push under it one way, but when it closed behind them they could not lift the sharp inward facing prongs to get back out.

The brilliant thing about this design was that once enough cockroaches went in, it generated its own smell. Not to us humans. It would be in the shed or at the back of the cupboard. But it was irresistible to cockroaches! In other words you could leave it there for years and never touch it. It never ran out of sticky paper surface area, like those cardboard traps you have to replace. It didn’t even need new pheromone tables once the old one was gone. You didn’t even have to worry about emptying it as the cockroaches would eat each other. It was self-cleaning!

They don’t make them any more. There’s no ‘built in obsolescence.’ No regular product refills. Nothing to sell or maintain. It just sat there, eating cockroaches for years and years. Capitalism can be so greedy! If anyone ever finds a company that makes these things, please, let me know! I’ll order a dozen or so!


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2 Responses to The most amazing cockroach trap of all time!

  1. Eclipse Now says:

    Ha ha! I just didn’t use google images! There it is!!
    OK, time to do some damage to the credit card!!!

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