Bill Gates calls it the future of education!

Bill Gates calls this the future of education! If your kids are having trouble at school, get them to watch Khan Academy!

Try this introductory video to understand it.

  • Teachers have set watching Khan Academy videos as homework and then use class time to do working examples.
  • In other words, the kids get ‘taught’ at home and do their ‘homework’ at school with a professional teacher.
  • Khan Academy sets work to test how students are going.
  • If kids are struggling it pops up on a teacher’s dashboard.
  • It even suggests the appropriate questions for the teacher to ask when approaching a struggling kid.
  • You can even log in and track your kid’s progress.
  • They have a mentoring system as well.
  • You could even volunteer to become a ‘mentor’ to some other kid halfway round the world.
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