Convert to Firefox browser — NOW!

If you didn’t already hate Microsoft’s Internet Explorer because of it’s limited CSS support which DRASTICALLY limits what IE users can “see” on the web (and in turn limits how cool webdesigners can make their websites due to the need to cater for IE’s dominant position in the market), then here’s another good reason to switch to Firefox.


When the ABC lunchtime news sits up and TELLS you to download Firefox open source browser because it is free open source and has thousands of individual programmers tracking bugs and loopholes, then you know the open source model is starting to win. IE just has not been able to keep up since Al Gore “invented the internet!” 😉 Or at least since the internet evolved into the modern phenomenon that it is.

As well as being a very stable, very supported browser, Firefox comes with the Web Development Toolbar and Firebug. These 2 tools appear in many of the web tutorials I am using.

And I can’t tell you how many times the web experts at have bemoaned the slow response of IE to various internet developments. Do yourselves a favour, switch to Firefox 3 today. It’s free. It’s secure. It’s supported by some really cool add-ons. And it’s the future. I think IE’s days may be numbered….

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