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Super heatwaves starting

Remember they predicted ‘super-heatwaves’ by 2050, with the wet-bulb temperature making it too humid & hot for the human body to cool down? Mass deaths across tropical and Middle Eastern regions? They’re almost here.

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EU Syrian swap pointless!

I don’t understand why the EU are sending Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey only to collect another bunch from Turkey and bring them back to the EU! I originally thought this was about taking the economic migrants from Afghanistan … Continue reading

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“Doctor” Helen Caldicott is a fraud

“Doctor” Helen Caldicott is a paediatrician, not a nuclear radiation expert. Her husband is a radiologist, but she is not. She’s a children’s doctor. Helen debated George Monbiot on Democracy Now, and sounded like a rabid conspiracy theorist rather … Continue reading

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LFTR’s to fight cancer

This one really interested me. Targeted alpha therapy. Attach an alpha emitting particle (like Bismuth 213) to an anti-body which then goes and attaches to a cancer cell and the radiation kills that cancer cell. Bismuth 213 only comes from … Continue reading

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Mike Baird, coal is NOT good for humanity!

Mike Baird, coal is NOT good for humanity! It kills millions of people a year! It’s as bad as ONE CHERNOBYL EVERY WEEK! It *was* good. It gave us the Industrial Revolution, accelerated technological growth, and it led to … Continue reading

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National’s Senator’s heart bleeds for poor fossil fuels!

The ABC’s 7:30 Report shows that Matthew Canavan’s heart bleeds for poor fossil fuel companies!  Apparently environmental groups are about to take control of Australia and put an end to all development and economic activity because they are dangerously over-funded by their tax … Continue reading

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Fasting 3 days in a row reboots the immune system!

As someone who has been struggling with the 5:2 diet, I’m all too aware how absolutely food crazed I become the day after a ‘fast’ with only 600 calories. But a pure fast for 3 days? Wow. I’ll have to … Continue reading

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