The Minimalists

Now for something different – anyone watched “The Minimalists”? It’s a better presentation than their first movie “Minimalism”. It goes more into the philosophy and psychology of why they’re doing an extreme Marie Kondo to their whole lives.

The question is not just Marie Kondo’s “Does it bring you joy?” – which is a great start. But theirs is a more philosophical and psychological and even environmental approach. What are we doing to ourselves just having so much stuff?

Their argument has convinced me I need to prune back on my stuff so I control it and it doesn’t control me. So I can enjoy what they call – “The things that remain.”

My personal goal is to give away one thing a week for the next few years. That might be a trilogy of books (**) I’ll never re-read, or a tool I know I’ll never use, or a jacket I don’t wear. It might even be a failed hobby or project that just nags at me and makes me feel guilty. Why let it clutter up my house or mind? Especially when in this environmentally stretched world someone else might actually use it? So I give it away. I give it to a charity bin, or on my Facebook neighbourhood group. Or if it’s really worth something, I’ll sell it.

** Special note on books. I love books! I love libraries and the feeling of them. Getting rid of books is like getting rid of old friends. It’s traumatic. But I found I can even give away old books if they’re not reference books I need. If I know I’m never going to read them again I put them on my Goodreads list. Any time I want to go visit my ‘old friends’ I just visit the facebook of books – Goodreads. It really works – I get the same pleasure checking my Goodreads list as I did browsing those books on my bookshelf. Also, I have switched to using Audible so I can listen to books while I drive or do housework. I’m getting through more Audible books than I did real books!

So – why not check it out? It’s only one hour.

“The Minimalists” with the blue cover as below.

Less is now.

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