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Eco-modernists attack Bernie Sanders!

Last week, Breakthrough’s Director of Research argued against Bernie Sanders’ alleged climate goals. As Nordhaus wrote for USA Today, Sanders would shut down nuclear power plants and ban fracking nationally — two actions that would increase, not decrease, carbon emissions. … Continue reading

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My prediction for the SBS ‘Uranium’ series was delightfully wrong!

A few weeks ago I predicted that, from the tone of the SBS documentary series “Uranium: twisting the dragon’s tail” it would not cover the new generation of breeder reactors that can eat nuclear waste. But I was wrong! Physicist … Continue reading

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Thorcon ready to go with today’s technology

Because the climate emergency is so critical now, ThorCon have developed a BURNER Molten Salt Reactor that could sell electricity at 3cents / kWh, which is half the price of coal. Again, this is a BURNER that will not eat … Continue reading

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SBS’s “Uranium” series prediction

OK, given the way SBS’s ‘Uranium’ series is going, I predict the last episode on nuclear power will *not* discuss breeder reactors, and will conclude that nuclear power is too expensive, too dangerous, and leaves waste forever. There are Phd’s … Continue reading

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Help me identify past MSR funding

Hi all, I’m trying to find out how much funding molten salt reactors have had, especially thorium. Kirk Sorenson claims there has been very little since the late 1960’s, and I’m just trying to confirm that there are no other … Continue reading

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