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Fukushima! Scary! Pacific dead! We’re all going to die!

Lately I’ve been amazed at the level of ranting on youtube. Ranting about a very GOOD and helpful NOAA map that saved lives. Is this a map of radiation spreading out of Japan? Hint: what does the legend indicate?That’s right, … Continue reading

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Your fear of radiation is probably doing you harm!

Great article by Gizmodo, which makes the points that the psychological trauma of the Fukushima evacuation has probably been far, far more deadly to more people than the actual radiation would have!

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George Lucas photobombs nuclear documentary

What the? George Lucas photobombs this documentary on nuclear safety. I swear! At 1:07 they’re discussing separating out different types of nuclear waste, a physicist is walking down the street and George Lucas photobombs and walks into his hotel!

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NREL and the baseload myth

One of the great problems with charging a whole fleet of electric cars is how would the grid cope. Would we have to double our daytime capacity and build out a super-grid as electricity demand skyrocketed! But NREL to the … Continue reading

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