We need to:

REFUEL on today’s safe GenIII reactors as we perfect new GenIV breeder nuclear reactors that eat nuclear ‘waste’. Just today’s nuclear waste could run the world for centuries. Nuclear waste is not the problem, it is the solution. Nuclear power MUST form the reliable baseload power that modern grids need, and then we can see how much wind and solar is also added to the mix. You may not agree right now — but look at the many environmental professors who have signed the EcoModernist Manifesto!

REZONE our cities around New Urbanism which I describe as “An attractive and culturally appropriate town square surrounded by walking distance shops and services and neighbourhoods.” They are places of economic and social vitality, and are just pleasant to visit. New Urban ecocites must of course have a strong backbone of RAIL, using trains, trams, and trolley buses as appropriate.

RECHARGE our cars instead of burn oil. About three-quarters of existing cars could be charged on existing grids if the power plants were turned up full, and nukes are most economic running at full power day and night. There are a variety of options for a post-oil world including Electric Vehicles, synthetic diesel from seawater, and even a recyclable metal powder called boron that can be burned for fuel!

RECYCLE all our waste using Plasma Burners that rip waste apart and sort it at the molecular level. We can get rid of rubbish tips forever, and turn household waste into many of the materials necessary to build the next house or car or boat!

REINVENT industry to run on mostly renewable materials. We need to reinvent processes so they use clean, recyclable materials. Governments should encourage Green Chemistry, Nano-technology, and even lower technology solutions like building Skyscrapers out of wood!

REGENERATE the soil through Regenerative Agriculture to feed a world of 10 billion people by 2050.

REPAIR ecosystems so that nature will continue to give us ‘Ecosystem services’. Nature gives us free services that increase our health and wealth. Indeed, Repairing our Oceans through massive kelp farms may just help save us as well. Without them we would have to pay for all our fresh water, soil, clean air, certain waste processing, etc. But we can repair ecosystems by making more national and private parks, keeping threatened animals in zoos and breeding centres, and gradually replanting and restocking the wild.

REDUCE population growth by meeting all human needs, especially by empowering and educating women! Empowering women in developing countries not only helps them and their families achieve their potential, it helps those families not see children as some form of superannuation. Studies have proved it prevents population growth, and can stabilise the population.

Does a cause above grab you? Read the pages, google around, find an online group and please, get involved! Support just one of the causes above. You could make a difference, and make friends along the way.