10 Rules for Recovery

We need to:

REFUEL on safe, modern GenIV nuclear reactors that eat nuclear ‘waste’ to prevent the worst of climate change. Just today’s nuclear waste could run the world for the next 500 years. Nuclear waste is not the problem, it is the solution. Nuclear power MUST give us the reliable baseload power that modern grids need. They also allow some wind and solar, and help intermittent, unreliable renewables to play their part.

RAIL everywhere with trains, trams, and trolley buses all good options. https://eclipsenow.wordpress.com/rail

REZONE our cities around the trains, allowing New Urbanism to creep around the transport network. Then the suburbs will be able to plug into local New Urban districts that are walkable, attractive, trendy, local and efficient. There are a variety of New Urban and eco-city plans that might work for your area.

RECHARGE with electric family cars or even boron powered cars and trucks.

RECYCLE all our waste using a Plasma Burners that rips waste apart and sort it at the molecular level. We can take get rid of council landfill tips forever, and turn household waste into the next house: ordinary garbage into the next house or car or boat!

REINVENT industry to run on mostly renewable materials. We need to reinvent processes so they use clean, recyclable materials. Governments should encourage Green Chemistry, Nano-technology, and even lower technology solutions like building Skyscrapers out of wood!

REPLENISH the soil and not mine and destroy it through Industrial Agriculture. This means adopting nutrient recycling schemes, using biochar to bring the soil back to life, and not flushing the invaluable phosphorus and other nutrients in our sewage out to sea! It means our sewerage departments need to speak to our agricultural departments.

REPAIR ecosystems so that nature will continue to give us ‘Ecosystem services’. Nature gives us free services that increase our health and wealth. Without them we would have to pay for all our fresh water, soil, clean air, certain waste processing, etc. Trying to replace ecosystem services with expensive human technologies instead would pretty much bankrupt us all.

RE-GREEN deserts with seawater greenhouses producing fresh food and possibly protein from seawater bug-houses!?

REDUCE population growth by meeting all human needs, especially by empowering and educating women! Empowering women in developing countries not only helps them and their families achieve their potential, it helps those families not see children as some form of superannuation. Studies have proved it prevents population growth, and can stabilise the population.


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