100% renewable scenarios

As I said on my renewables summary page there are many 100% renewable papers out there, and the Vox summary article is a good place to start. 100% renewable papers are written by people just as concerned about climate change as I am, and with the best of intentions. But their anti-nuclear presuppositions force them to believe that they simply must make renewables work, at all costs!

On this page I will collect reviews of the most famous 100% renewable scenarios that I come across in my online experience, starting of course with Australian papers.

BZE: Australia’s Beyond Zero Emissions argue they can quickly decarbonise Australia’s energy with 100% renewable energy and extreme energy efficiency. How extreme is that energy efficiency? Ted Trainer explains that they project we’ll use less than half the energy we’ll actually need by 2050.

Amory Lovins: see my tirade against Amory’s youtube lies and half truths on my wind page.