Free movies to use

Now that you’ve read all the Campaign basics about the goal to wean the world off oil peacefully through Simpol’s campaign to make your vote in your country create pressure and momentum towards an international Simultaneous Policy to solve peak oil (and many other causes), now you want some advice on great movies to download and burn to disc, or even buy and share.

There are many.

FREE download and burn to DVD !!! Public domain movies. — Peak oil for Policymakers

This 12 minute piece is a short, fact-filled introduction to peak oil that burns to CD well. I really like this one.
It’s full of condensed information for policy-makers, it’s free, and for all you peak-oilers out there, even though it’s only 55 megabytes it seems to burn to CD really well and screens quite clearly on my TV!

End of Suburbia

has been online at YouTube for over a year. It was posted by the movie’s authors. They now consider it to be in the public domain.

The Sydney Peak Oil version cut down to 32 minutes (thanks Rowan!) is now available in FULL DVD data burning format at:

If you have QuickTime Pro you can download either version to disk and use it as you see fit. Either will easily fit on a normal CD if you wish to distribute them. The authors consider this movie now to be in the public domain. In return, of course, we can help promote their latest endeavour Escape from Suburbia

To watch free online

ABC’s Crude

A beautifully produced and brilliant argument synthesising peak oil and climate change. As Grist said, “Think End of Suburbia meets An Inconvenient Truth.”

ABC’s Catalyst

This 12 minute peak oil special screened November 2005. It covers many of the basic concerns, and is a useful and very short round up to send to online friends. Look for the little camera logo.

ABC’s “4 Corners”

This 50 minute documentary covers what we know about oil production, and how the world energy agencies could have got it so wrong. Are we at peak oil? This piece opened quite a few eyes, (but not enough). Read transcript here or watch the video above.

“Arithmetic, population and energy” by Professor Bartlett
This brilliant one hour lecture by Professor Emeritus Albert Barlett (see wiki) sets out to prove that “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” He does a good job of demonstrating that argument!

To buy and show

Please check which of the following excellent movies you would show at a local church, hall, club, etc. Watch the previews and decide for yourself which you like the look of.

A Crude Awakening! Download MP3 preview here and burn to DVD.

Crude Impact Preview here.

Escape from Suburbia sequel to End of Suburbia, with preview here

Asleep in America 7 minute YouTube preview here


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