Materials and techniques

This page ‘Materials and techniques’ became too large, so I have split it into a few smaller pages below around Design priorities, Tall Timbers, and Earth works.

More pages on New Urbanism:-

1. What are the different styles of New Urbanism?

2. What are the common objections to New Urbanism?

  1. That’s so typical of Nazi Greenie Control Freaks telling us how to live!
  2. It’s just lefty propaganda — suburbia is the American way
  3. Cities are ugly!
  4. What do we do with the vast suburban areas we’ve already built?
  5. How do we pay for all this?

3. Design priorities: what priorities shape our buildings in the first place?

4. Tall Timbers: the new state-of-the-art material for constructing skyscrapers at a rate of one floor per day is… wood!?

5. Earth works: shorter rural homes can be built out of mud bricks, adobe,  straw bales, cob, and… car tyres!?

6. Where are these Eco-cities popping up?


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