Christians and politics

Here are a few articles I found helpful about how Christians should think about voting, the Church and State, and all that stuff.

Does Australia need a Christian Prime Minister?

Written by one of my best friends, Dr Greg Clarke.

Christians and Partisanship

Written by an acquaintance and fellow peak oil activist, Minister Byron Smith, currently studying his Phd on the role of the church in a world in crisis. (The Crisis being peak oil, global warming, and generally unsustainable and prone to collapse and dieoff events).
It contains the great line:

“Consequently, voting is only ever possible while holding one’s nose. I’ve rarely voted with much confidence and never without some degree of regret, often quite deep.”

Mark Driscoll on Christianity in society: is there such a thing as a “Christian nation”?

Video of Protestant Pastor Mark Driscoll on whether or not Christians should legislate morality. He says Christians can’t! Moral change comes from the ‘bottom up’ rather than legislating from the ‘top down’. They discuss the failure of John Calvin’s “Christian society”.


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