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Wind kills birds

Here’s what scientists have to say about Spanish vulture deaths : Carrete, M et al (2009) “Large Scale Risk-Assessment of Wind-Farms on Population Viability of a Globally Endangered Long-Lived Raptor”, Biological Conservation doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2009.07.027 Recent research paper looking at effects of … Continue reading

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Better Place battery swap stations off-the-grid?

One of the horror stories we all hear about the mass adoption of electric cars is “But it will crush the grid when everyone plugs in at once!” Even a Webzine I sort of enjoy for outside-the-box thinking, Low Tech … Continue reading

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Brownfields into Greensites

In a twist, renewable energy projects can also provide the power needed to carry out clean-up of contaminated sites, to render them safe for alternative use. This is happening at several sites in Arizona, California, and Colorado. This “brownfields to … Continue reading

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Questions about 100% renewable grid

Can Wind Power Be Stored?: Scientific American. Among the leaders is a Massachusetts company that plans to use hundreds of “flywheels” to store 20 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 200 homes for a day. Beacon Power Corp. is working … Continue reading

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Chicken feathers + soy beans = wind turbine blades!?

This NPR news story blew my mind. I was always worried about the ERoEI of all that Steel, and the availability of Steel, in the Wind turbine, tower, and blade system. Enter green chemistry! This idea was discussed at the … Continue reading

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But I don’t like the look of wind towers everywhere!

I was on a science forum recently and this argument came up. It produced a bit of a rant. I answered with the following… Wind power’s aesthetics? Well, some farmers obviously don’t care and make a good side earner to … Continue reading

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The CUTTING EDGE of low technology

These guys at otherpower are my heroes precisely because they are living the off-the-grid dream I can’t. But go innovation! These guys and girls have responded to the practical need to be off the grid because of their isolated community, … Continue reading

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