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Murray Darling: Lose the trees, lose the water

This is from the same article I just previously quoted, but it is so important to understand that I thought it worth doing a double-post. Here’s a little experiment you can do at home to drive home how big an … Continue reading

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Murray Darling crippled by DAIRY industry!

It’s not the fruit trees, it’s the dairy. And today’s water cuts will only return extraction to 1995 levels. How have we become so irrationally water-dependent at the expense of biodiversity in the Murray? Between 1995 and 2000, there was … Continue reading

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New Worldwatch blogs

These will be worth watching: Dateline: Copenhagen: What’s Going Right? Worldwatch President Christopher Flavin writes about positive news on the road to Copenhagen, and how these developments should give officials the courage to enact tougher emission targets. Nourishing the Planet: … Continue reading

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United Nation warns of water stress

The Age PARIS (AFP) – Surging population growth, climate change, reckless irrigation and chronic waste are placing the world’s water supplies at threat, according to a landmark UN report. Compiled by 24 UN agencies, the 348-page document gave a grim … Continue reading

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Mexico city: too many people = not enough water

From the LA Times, One of the world’s largest cities is launching a rationing plan in a drastic — and some say overdue — effort to conserve water after rampant development, mismanagement and reduced rainfall caused supplies to drop to … Continue reading

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Snow Study shows California faces serious drought

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A new survey of California winter snows on Thursday showed the most populous state is facing one of the worst droughts in its history, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said. The state, which produces about half the United … Continue reading

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SCIAM: Energy verses water

Great quote: Woefully underappreciated, however, is the reality that each of these precious commodities might soon cripple our use of the other. We consume massive quantities of water to generate energy, and we consume massive quantities of energy to deliver … Continue reading

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