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Adani approved at risk of losing desert oasis.

Wow, what a surprise. The Adani corporation have promised that they really truly wuly studied the water impacts on a local desert oasis wetlands. The Queensland government just rolled over and accepted their findings. I mean, Adani hired someone who … Continue reading

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LFTR’s to fight cancer

This one really interested me. Targeted alpha therapy. Attach an alpha emitting particle (like Bismuth 213) to an anti-body which then goes and attaches to a cancer cell and the radiation kills that cancer cell. Bismuth 213 only comes from … Continue reading

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Win against *her*!

The people won against a Corporation? A MINING Corporation? In Australia? Under Tony Abbott? Surely this is grounds for a new public holiday!!!!!! From Getup Historic news out of Queensland today. Farmers and community groups took Gina Rinehart’s coal mine … Continue reading

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ABC’s Landline says Australia needs Hemp food!

ABC’s Landline: We need hemp food in Australia! 1/3rd the water to grow lucen Hempcrete soaks up CO2 as it dries and petrifies Aboriginals are building hemp housing Was the world’s most common fabric material until the cotton gin was … Continue reading

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Sahara Forest Project 1 is another Seawater Greenhouse

Seawater + desert + solar thermal + greenhouse = food. This clip calls it Feeding 9 billion. They’re even experimenting with growing crops outside the greenhouse, with cardboard coolers for a local area to produce wheat or other crops. Somehow … Continue reading

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Cars shoot downstream in Toowoomba flood

This footage shows some of the awesome power of these floods.

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Watercone® The Product

It’s been a while since I’ve raved about this simple invention, but when I saw slashdot going on about some expensive solar PV powered water cleaning device, with all high tech moving parts that could break down or add drastically … Continue reading

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